President Isaias met all the requirements that Eritrea required and more. He is the source of strength, unity, the voice, the parental figure, the brother and warrior in trenches. He is the guide that points Eritrea in the right direction. He led the mother in a distant field toward the water that can quench the thirst of child. He is a farmer; member of huge farmland called Eritrea; and he is roaming throughout the entire country greening the land wherever he goes. He is the teacher that believes all the kids must have the same opportunities to learn not to get out of poverty as the main objective but to thrive in life and in the process; lift the nation to the highest of standards. He is the friend of the doctor that saw a nation’s health as a national imperative and built medical facilities throughout Eritrea. He is a man that knows military strategy, intelligence, security and geopolitics. He is the man that co-founded one of the strongest armies in the world and created a national service program to ensure perpetuity.