The commencement of direct flight from Asmara to Aden will have significant contribution in strengthening the relations between Eritrea and Yemen, Expressed Mr. Teklai Gonets, head of flight safety and regulations at the Eritrean Airlines, during a ceremony conducted in Aden on 2 February.

During the ceremony Mr. Waed Batheeb, Minister of Transportation of Yemen, expressed that the direct flight of  Nas-Air  to Eden every Wednesdays and Saturdays will contribute as a bridge in strengthening the historical relations of the two countries.

Mr. Kibrom Re’esom, head of Nas-Air station in Asmara Airport, on his part indicated that the Airlines that began its activity conducting regular flights to Khartoum and Nairobi expanded its regular flights to Jeddah, Juba, Uganda and Dubai. He also indicated that the Airlines also conduct flights to Mali, Chad and other West African counties upon demand and that the direct flight to Aden will strengthen the existing services.

Mr. Habtom Bairu, advisor to the Minister of Tourism, explaining the contribution of the direct flight of Nas-Air to Aden will have in promoting the tourism industry called on the Airline to expand its flights to other countries.