Mar. 25, 2013 – WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada – Weledo Publications

Enterprise has launched distribution of Tigrigna children’s books in Australia and New Zealand through The Nile, Australia’s largest online book store. The company serves the cultural and linguistic needs of Eritrean diaspora parents to teach their children their mother-tongue language.

Weledo has been supplying the USA, Europe and Canada based Eritrean diaspora parents and community organization by listing its publications on Amazon, the world’s biggest online store. Now, Eritrean diaspora parents and community organizations can get the same service that was previously not possible due to Amazon’s unavailability in Australia.

Weledo Tigrigna children’s books are typically ordered online and the company’s sales and warehousing is outsourced to Amazon group for worldwide distribution and third party suppliers’ fulfilment. The Nile, Weledo’s Australia listing online book store, is hence considered a third party retail distributor. This affects product delivery time. Amazon orders of Weledo’s Tigrigna children’s books are normally delivered to customer doorstep in less than 72 hours, whereas Australian and New Zealand customers of Eritrean diaspora communities would have to wait anything between 7-10 days to receive their ordered items.

An Eritrean community based Tigrigna school in Kristiansand, Norway is one of those customers that receive its shipments directly from Weledo. Community based organizations such as the one in Kristiansand benefit from generous discounted pricing that would help their organization raise badly needed funds to build their fledgling community based Tigrigna school.

Weledo’s founder and CEO Mr Abel Abraham, a Canadian teacher by profession, said “We are a community company and not a company in a community, hence everything we do factors in ways by which we can help to empower Eritrean communities where ever they may be in the world.”

Weledo has an official web presence that can be visited at

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