Eritrean community members in Karlsruhe and its environs, Germany, in a meeting they conducted on 20 April expressed readiness to play major role with regards foiling external conspiracies and back up development programs in the Homeland.

During the meeting, Mr. Petros Tsegai, the Eritrean Ambassador to Germany, gave extensive explanation with regards to the objective situation in the Homeland and resistance of Eritreans living inside the country and abroad. He also said that the progress the nation is registering is the out come of concerted efforts of citizens and called for its reinforcement.

During the meeting significant papers depicting the staunch resistance of the Eritrean people were presented by Eritrean experts.

The participants on their part expressed appreciation to the Government for its efforts to ensure social security and the opportunity of investment provided for citizens, and that they would stand alongside their people in ensuring stability and development of their country.