Maj. General Gerezgiher Andemariam, Commander of the Eastern Command, said that cultural and sports ventures are vital in nurturing spirit of teamwork and discipline among Army members, thus constituting an  integral part of EDF activities. He made the remark in connection with Sports Week staged by the Command, during which it was stated that a number of EDF members have registered remarkable feats in various domains of sports and art as in the armed struggle to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty and ensure its development.

Maj. Russom Gebremichael, head of information and promotion in the Command, explained that the organizing of the event is part of the endeavor to nurture morally and mentally fit members of the Armed Force. He further pointed out that participation of government bodies and the PFDJ has become significant to this end, and that such integrated effort has provided groundwork for virtue of many artists and sports persons.

Among EDF members, Eyob Gebru and Teklom Gebremeskel noted the importance of such activities in entertainment and physical fitness, and that availability of the necessary facilities attests to the Defense Ministry’s commitment in this regard. Moreover, they expressed readiness to mount participation in the national development drive.

Meanwhile, members of the Eastern Command who have been attending a 3-month training course as regards still photography and video shooting graduated recently.