Ambassador Tesfamichael gives press conference in connection with Eritrean Independence Day

The Eritrean Ambassador to the UK and Ireland, Mr. Tesfamichael Gerahtu, yesterday gave press conference to representatives of some 20 international media outlets, diplomats and mining company representatives in connection with the Eritrean Independence Day anniversary.

Ambassador Tesfamichael gave briefings regarding Eritrea’s achievements in the nation-building process vis-à-vis the challenges encountered, in addition to the role of peace and stability, as well as regional stability in fostering development. He further underlined that the Eritrean government has been exerting unremitting efforts towards promoting human dignity and welfare, besides human resource development, and that gratifying outcome has been registered to this end.

Pertaining to repeated acts of hostility against Eritrea in different guises, the Ambassador underscored that the dynamism manifested in the nation-building process in the face of enemy conspiracy fully attests to the steadfastness of the Eritrean people. In this respect, Mr. Tesfamichael Gerahtu outlined the accomplishments registered in the domains of education, health, water supply, transport and communications, in addition to implementation of the programs charted within the Millennium Development Goals.

The Ambassador went on to dismiss the baseless enemy allegations against Eritrea under various guises, including smear campaigns by some media outlets, in a bid to tarnish Eritrea’s image, and thereby serve geopolitical agendas.