On Sunday May 26th 2013, over 2500 Eritreans in London UK gathered to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Eritrean‚ Independence. Inside the venue, the green, red, blue and yellow wreath of the Eritrea flag graced the hall.
Eritreans dressed in traditional dress representing all Eritrean ethnic groups mingled with each other while the hall buzzed with felicitous atmosphere.
During the observance conducted in London, in which a number of Eritreans, representatives of different associations in London  and friends of Eritrea participated, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Chairperson of Shimagle Mekete in London, said that celebrating national holidays in general and Independence Day in particular is a top Eritrean value, and called for renewing commitment to strengthen participation in national development programs.
Speaking on the occasion, via Skype from Switzerland H.E. Tesfamichael Gerahtu, Eritrean Ambassador to UK & Ireland, pointed out that external conspiracies against the Homeland have been foiled through staunch resistance of the Eritrean people and stressed that the Eritrean people living inside the country and abroad need to assume major responsibility to ensure the economic progress besides reinforcing national unity.
He further commended the efforts being undertaken by the Eritrean youths to preserve the country’s sovereignty and ensure food security.
The occasion highlighted different programs and cultural shows.
Yared Tesfay
Embassy Media
London United Kingdom