14th Eritrea Festival UK
London, 1st June 2013
The Eritrean Cultural Festival in the UK will be conducted from July 13-14, 2013 at Lee Valley Leisure Complex Center Edmonton N9 OA London United Kingdom. The Festival is organized across seven programs, which are Children’s activities, Family & Community activities, Funfair, Arts & Culture program, Forums & Seminar, Bazar, Exhibition, Cultural Live Performances.
Thus, the main thrust of the program will focus on the activities of children, youth, families and communities in general. The Festival is an important occasion for harmony, consolidation of Eritrean unity, strengthen the Eritrean culture and identity, promoting higher mobilization and organization, developing Eritrean capacity and ingenuity and finally for recreation and entertainment of Eritreans.
The festivities, the colorful cultural performances, the various works of talent, the recreational activities, and others in general has a much deeper meaning than just being excuse to a get together. During the struggle time our festival was a forum through which national issues and the struggle for independence was deliberated. In doing so, it has brought basically the Eritreans in United Kingdom together and was able to forge and strengthen the Eritrean identity.
Our festival has been playing a great role in enabling Eritrean in the diaspora identifies with their nation, even when most have not even been to Eritrea. They have also shared in the endeavor Eritrea takes on during war and peace time, starting from contribution to defending the country and development programs, to helping the families of our fallen heroes and heroines.
The UK Eritrean Festival 2013 takes place at a time of great historical cultural significant to Eritreans. It will depict the socio-economic and traditional values of the people of Eritrea, and promise to be an unforgettable must see event for all.
ECCC Information & Communication
London United Kingdom

Exclusive interview with Mr Yared Tesfay, Head of the Eritrea embassy Media

 listen exclusive interview with Mr Yared Tesfay, Head of the Eritrea embassy Media. .  We will be looking at all the different aspects of this  Festival in the UK and focusing on the preparations that are taking place in the United Kingdom.  

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