Klear TV has been created to bridge the gap between the ethnic and main stream broadcasting and in doing so to reflect the interest and aspirations of the Afro-Caribbean British and European communities. To make this possible Klear TV has placed emphasis on quality through the style and contents of its programming. It aims to demonstrate empathy towards the ethnic audience group through its choice of programmes and programmer makers.
Afro-Caribbean influence in Britain is expanding at a phenomenal rate with over three million people of Afro-Caribbean origin, and an annual spend of over seven billion per annum (the black-pound). In recognition of the positive way in which this culture is reflected, Klear TV sets out to be the bench-mark by which all future broadcasting innovation in this field will be measured.
Klear TV is the broadcast platform for the three million plus Afro-Caribbeans in the UK and five million plus in Europe. Specific emphasis has been placed on attracting second and third generation Afro-Caribbeans who are more educated and have a higher earning and spending ability.