Thursday 20 June 2013
dLondon’s, Kenning-ton Park, over 2800 Eritreans came together to participate in the Martyrs Day organized
by the Eritrean Public Campaign Committee (EPCC). Present at the London commemoration were H.E. Tesfamicael Gerahtu,
Eritrea’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland, Embassy staff, Religious leaders, and invited guests.
The evening program began at 5:00pm with a moment of silence in memory of all those who sacrificed their
lives for Eritrea’s liberty and sovereignty. The program included singing, poetry reading and speeches.
During the opening program, chairman of Eritrean Public Campaign Committee, Mr.Ahmed Mohammed, delivered a speechc
of the precious gift our martyr’s imparted to all Eritreans. He stated that it was their selfless sacrifice which gave us independent
Eritrea, thanks to them, we are still enjoying the freedom that they brought about; as we gather to remember them, we do so in
Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerhatu, in his address to the gathered Londoners reminded all that it was the responsibility of each and
every Eritrean to support the families of those that were martyred to liberate Eritrea, and also the families of those who were martyred
defending Eritrea during the Ethiopian invasion of 1998-2000.  He stated that the prevailing peace and stability in the country is the
outcome of the heavy sacrifices paid, and stressed that every citizen is duty-bound to assist children and families of martyrs.
bAmbassador Tesfamicael also called on Eritreans to raise their participation and  redouble their efforts in the development activities of
Eritrea. In his final remarks, he underlined that our task is to remember our martyrs not only by lighting candles and planting trees,
and making pledges but, above all, by honoring their trust: that of rebuilding the country  for whose freedom they paid with their lives.
Yonathan Oqbamichael, member of Sponsor a Martyr’s Family (SMF) committee in his address to the participants also stated that Martyrs Day
is an event in which the Eritrean people commemorate fallen heroes with pride and dignity, and that supporting martyrs’ families is not only the
responsibility of the Government, but also that of the general public.
Following that H.E. Tesfamicael Gerahtu,  took part in lighting candles in memory of those that were martyred for the good of Eritrea’s future.01-image001.gif 
A reflection of the hard times that Eritreans endured during the barbaric colonial period was portrayed in form of  music, and poetry readings. 
Amid-st this the SMF took this opportunity to mobilize more Eritreans to “Sponsor a Martyr’s Family”. 
The performance by the Eritrean artists from London, who presented various national songs and songs from the liberation struggle era along side a poems
which demonstrated the transfer of our values as a heritage to the new generation raised the emotion of participants. 
The Children choir group also presented  nationalist songs from the liberation struggle times. The participation of all EPCC committees  in various activities of the event
in general made Martyrs Day an even more memorable day.  The day’s activities ended with the singing of the Eritrean National Anthem.
Embassy Media
London United Kingdom