“Our new children programme will be formed around heritage,culture but also historical information. It will be a diversity of different topics which will also help the children grow and learn as an Eritrean child, the context will include story’s with valuable lessons behind them but also cultural information to make your child be confident about  native country and to be able to say ‘i am from Eritrea and my country holds  a lot of beautiful history!’ but even more i also hope that my programme with support the children on be coming good citizens and achieve there life goals”

Samrawit – Adal voice children progamme presenter.

Message for all our readers and listener.

Adal Voice of Eritreans has been working hard for the last half a decade or so to create a medium for diaspora Eritrean parents to communicate with each other and exchange ideas, experiences etc… This has been mostly achieved through our radio shows.

Here at Adal Voice of Eritrea, we believe that Eritrean diaspora parents can benefit greatly from having a cyber medium to share any thing that is pertaining to the well being and sociology-cultural development of our children.

So, dear parent, we invite you to use this section to inform, enquire, educate and consult with your fellow Eritrean diaspora parents.

Also, remember to listen in for various children programmings during our regular radio shows every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at 93.2 FM across UK or www.adalvoice.org via internet. You can always scroll down to previous shows if you have missed any particular show!