It’s been decades since festivals became part of our culture. For most of us the word festival is often correlated with Bologna where it came to symbolize the unity of Eritreans and the determination for independence. Eritreans from literally every corner of the globe converged in this sacred gathering and renewed their identity and commitment and followed even details of any development about Eritrea. They also refurbished their memory and the young got to know their culture and contributed with all their might to the cause of their country. This heralded the beginning of our historical festivals, which then was going to play an immense part in the overall struggle of the people of Eritrea against the unjust repression of its right for self-determination.

And within Eritrea too the progress registered from time to time by our festivals and its inevitable impact in preserving our identity and culture has been of crucial importance in the over all well-being of the society. The cultural diversity and the almost untapped cultural riches of the country has made festivals an occasion where there is always new to learn about our country, all in one big compound. It is indeed a big opportunity to foster a people’s own special culture while enjoying and contributing to a larger tradition – and hence recognizing the ever-wider diversity. Its role in arts and inventiveness of our youth has also become one major part of the occasion.

As usual this year’s Eritrea Festival UK is going to be held from 13-14 July 2013. Organized bi-annually, the festival brings Eritreans from all over the UK to celebrate the achievements also to serve as a reminder of the valuable role Eritreans in diaspora can and do play in the nation’s development. All the necessary preparations are taking place to brightly celebrate the 14th Eritrean UK Festival at the Metro-pole City in London.

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