Eritrean National Holidays are facilitating the promotion of Eritrea’s values and making the Eritrean community presence felt across the world.  Eritrean Martyrs’ Day that was held in London on 20th of June 2008,  attracted the interest of   one of the most influential celebrities in the world, Sir Paul McCartney, an English rock singer, bass guitarist, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur, record producer, film producer and animal-rights activist. Observing thousands of Eritreans of all age commemorating their martyrs’ Sir Paul McCartney was very impressed with the values, great participation of Eritrean children at the event that would help in passing on the values into generations and the sponsoring of families of martyrs’ by Eritreans across the world. Sir Paul McCartney exchanged information to look at ways assisting in the program.

Eritrean Martyrs’ Day was also observed by hundreds of British children in St. Monica’s Primary School, which was achieved through the effort of an Eritrean mother, Simret Gidey who sends two of her children to the school. It is to be recalled as a part of expanded effort in public diplomacy by the Eritrean Embassy in the UK, over five hundred Eritrean children were given a letter to take to their school highlighting the values of Eritrean Martyrs’ Day and the participation of Eritrean children in the event.

There were several reports of increased number of participation of people from different countries in the Eritrean national celebrations across the world, including in the Hague, the Netherlands and other countries where took part in the commemoration of Eritrean Martyrs’ Day.

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