Hizbawi Mekhete is an integral part of the CONCEPT of the Eritrean National Resolute Rebuff.  ‘Hizbawi Mekhete’ is the spirit of defiance to succeed against all odds. Making personal time, material or energy to assist your fellow Eritreans is

‘Hizbawi Mekhete’ Making material or financial contribution to assist orphans and less disadvantaged Eritreans in Eritrea is

‘Hizbawi Mekhete’ Organizing public seminars and conferences to inform, empower and educate Eritreans is

‘Hizbawi Mekhete’ Using all lawful means to advance the good name and stature of our history is

‘hizbawi Mekhete’ Communicating with fellow Eritreans to expose and keep in check those that are peddling manufactured lies to intimidate ordinary Eritreans is ‘Hizbawi Mekhete::

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