Press Statement ( Eritrea: Ministry of Foreign Affairs )

In line with the longstanding goodwill of the people and Government of Eritrea to witness Egypt and its people assuming their rightful position and role, they have fully demonstrated their genuine support for the transitional forum introduced in that country over the past two years.

In view of the fact that such a transition which is rooted in the choice of the Egyptian people is not a short and simple process, it is natural for instance of unrest and challenges to surface. As such, the situation does not entail support or voicing judgment for this or that party, but rather calls for support on the part of all genuine quarters so that the Egyptian people may overcome the challenges of the transition period.

The Eritrean people and their leadership, beyond fully respecting the choice of the Egyptian people, hope that all interested parties and leaders of the forum would guide the transition in the right direction.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5 July 2013


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