Remarks made by William Spring @ the opening ceremony of the Eritrean  Festival 13/14 July 2013 in London
Your Excellency, Minister, friends & distinguished guests:
I speak here today as a foreign policy analyst (Director of CANAUK) & n…ot as general secretary of Employees Representatives, an independent public service trade union.
My first contact with the community was in the mid 1980’s when I worked in Riyadh.
The Bicycle Roundabout Jeddah. Near that particular roundabout was an underground Christian church. Underground because as you know all Christian churches of whatever type are banned in the KSA.
One day the metowah descended upon this Church. I will call it “the lost church”.
Its Eritrean worshipers were arrested, held by the Saudis & then, I assume, deported, back to an Eritrea still in a state of war. This was only one of innumerable human rights violations by the KSA @ that time & which continue up to the present day. Of course there was an immediate diplomatic protest from the US & UK – or was there? Not a squeak.
For years Western powers have kept quiet about the continuing reign of terror in Saudi Arabia, the slave state, where torture is endemic, where human rights not least for women simply do not exist, Saudi Arabia with Qatar, in the vanguard of democracy for Syria!!
Fast forward to 2012.
It was then I heard to my astonishment that the UK, the EU & the UN were seeking to institute a regime of sanctions,  not against the KSA but its much smaller neighbor across the Red Sea, Eritrea!!
Can anyone think of anything more daft,  more unjust, that a developing African country, which only 20 years ago was in a state of war & which even now is threatened by  its neighboring US surrogate/client states that this country should be sanctioned by the EU? I said I am not an expert on Eritrea. But I do recognize play ground bullies when I see them.
Afshin Rattansi produces a programme shown on Press TV “Double Standards” & this is a glaring example, but then this is the EU, this is the reality of the EU.
Forget all its high falutin rhetoric about helping Africa.
In fact the present day EU apparatchiks & their American counterparts have the same imperialist mentalities as the delegates to the Congress of Berlin who in 1885 carved up a Continent over the heads of its inhabitants, & also then in the name of “human rights”. Which is what I know something about. I was in Zimbabwe when the Fifth Brigade conducted its atrocious counter
insurgency campaign in Matabeland.
The UK Foreign Secretary merely said “Mugabe has a problem, & he has to deal with it as he sees fit.” This was the mid 80’s. It was on Cyprus when an Indian friend of mine remarked how US was merely using the human rights argument as a stratagem to confront the Soviet Union.
So it is today.  The Soviet Union disappeared,  in line with the equation, PHRC (phony human rights concern) = S (sanctions) = SD (state destruction.)
The countries threatening sanctions against Eritrea all have appalling human rights records themselves. The US keeps open the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, its drones engage in extra judicial killings over a wide area.
Meanwhile any independent media which disagrees is closed down or @ least loses its satellite connection, such as Press TV, thrown off the Sky Platform on the orders of OFCOM, OFCOM & HMG in turn merely bowing to the latest diktat from Washington.
Press TV provides the finest news service in the world in my opinion, significantly better than the BBC, now not a news service but merely a conduit for fraud, using license payers money.
Ladies & Gents,  “There is only one independent government in the Horn of Africa that has the vision and leadership quality to help bring such an idea.”  It is Eritrea!
Thank you for the Excellent organisation  by the Festival Task Force!See more

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