Below: Some images contained with the SEMG report indicating The UN Violating its own SANCTIONS on Somalia Arms Embargo. News Publishing by – – Sat Jul 27 2013


In a latest dramatic twist at the UN, The SEMG Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Groups recent report that was yet again leaked to Reuters news before it was officially presented to the Gov of the State of Eritrea and UN members states has killed its MASTERS.

The latest report comprising of some 487 pages with some on a restricted access and missing on the publications itself all together have been met with a strict OPPOSITION from some UN member states. Mainly Russia, China, Italy and Norway and most surprisingly Somalia.

The Russian Government has requested should the UN/ US want to publish this report and present it to the UN member states as is then The US must first and foremost call on a PRESS Release and State our Opposition to this unfounded allegations against The State of Eritrea and the inconclusive report contained within it from a number of UN member States.

The US, UK and Australia declined and postponed the report by passing it to the SANCTIONS Committee.

Eritrean Government and People’s RESILIENCE & STEADFASTNESS Deciphers THE TRUTH for the WORLD to SEE!


The UN unjust Sanctions on Eritrea must be Annulled and Repealed today!

News sources – Sat Jul 27 2013

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