10003457_733584713342073_1329323773_n The Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Armed Forces, Maj. General Gebregziabher Andemariam (Wuchu), passed away today at the age of 64. The veteran fighter has been under medical treatment inside the country and abroad.

The late Maj. General Gebregziabher joined the Liberation Forces in 1971 and served in various capacities ranging from a rank-and-file member to Front Commander, and demonstrated heroic feats in challenging military engagements requiring exemplary bravery and sense of steadfastness. The departed heroic fighter indeed served his people and nation with remarkable spirit of dedication.

The late veteran fighter is married and father of 8.

The funeral ceremony of Maj. General Gebregziabher Andemariam (Wuchu) would be conducted on Saturday (March 8) at Asmara Patriots Cemetery at 10 AM.