If you are looking to seek an opportunity to get involve and inspire other Eritreans in your community, this is the chance; Adal Voice is offering to give you this opportunity to broadcast live once a week every Sunday between 10AM -12PM ( GMT ) and the best part is that you can be part of the show right from your house regardless where you live in the world.
You can talk about: Children,Young people,history,political, social life,the Eritrean heritage etc you can get involved in any aspect of life you may want to discuss or any topics of your interest plus as bonus we are giving online training.

For any questions or queries contact Adal voice by email: adalvoice@googlemail.com or via telephone +44-07503898952 ( UK ).

We hope to hear from you, and that you take part in this opportunity to be part of Adal voice of Eritreans media worldwide.

 We always are open to all kinds of constructive comments to make our programs useful, relevant and law abiding at all times.

We hope to hear from you.

Aklilu Abraham Adal Voice

presenter and producer