Adal Voice of Eritrea

Announces New Television Programme


Dear Listeners and Eritreans worldwide,

Adal Voice has been broadcasting on Radio for over eight years and has many loyal fans like yourself.

This is a wonderful opportunity to present our Country to the wider world but also to keep a sense of home for all Eritrean communities and ex patriots, as I look to take to the new Television format I would like to invite you to send in any materials like Photographs or information to be included in the show.

If you have video on DVD or pictures as files I would love to have copies that can help represent our Country and traditions to the world and build an archive for the future.

This is a chance for you to be involved in a tremendous new opportunity that can be entertaining and educational to our and future generations of Eritreans. Creating a resource for the Diaspora of Eritrean people.

If you have ideas you would like to see included in future programmes please send a brief outline and any pictorial/video material that is relevant.

Eri-TV-Diaspora will be broadcast on Channel 8 freeview but will also be available worldwide on the internet.

Full details will be issued soon and we hope you will join us.

Contact me Aklilu Abraham on :-


Tel: 07503898952