Adal Voice has a special programme on Sunday 9 October 2014 from 10 :00am – 12:00 pm G M T,we are honouring the memory of a son of Eritrea Dr DR. EPHREM TEKLE.

He lived from 1956 in October and left us last year on the 11th of November 2013.

We take this anniversary as an opportunity to honour him as a person who worked constantly on the diaspora of Eritrea to keep our community in touch with present and our past history.

Adal Voice is proud to remember his lasting contribution to Eritrea.

If you have any memories of Dr, Ephrem Tekle please share with us by contacting Adal Voice on Email – or Sunday 9 October 2014 from 10 :00am – 12:00 pm G M T, call by Tel +44 – 01142814082 to share your thoughts and memories in our live broadcast.

To listen The Show live On Sunday 09/11/2014 Click here.

Dr. Ephrem Tekle was the body and soul of and a humble servant of his people.


No single adjective is perfect enough to describe you,

You were the best and of special value,

No descriptor befits you, nada, none comes to mind,

For you were a selfless-compatriot, unique of a kind.

Dedicated you were, steeled with determination,

Man of inspirational vision and far-sighted imagination,

Endowed with intellect, ever diligent,

Truly polymath, blessed with multi-talent.

We wish we could have you for more years,

To bask in the grace of your presence,

For the sake of Nathan and for everyone else,

No one, none could bridge your absence.

If nature knew fairness and we had a sway,

Our desire would have been for your perpetual stay,

Away from your hard work of night and day,

To enjoy your retirement with life of fun and play.

Alas, as we say goodbye, family, friends and peers,

Our eyes are welling with a gush of tears,

As God’s blessing you had enriched our lives,

We will cherish your memory close to our hearts.

Rest In Peace abo-Nathan

By – Dehai Friends