Adal Voice” will be  lined up for you a special interview with talented Eritrean Professional photographer “Frewyini Solomun one of Eritreans much loved. We have interview, on a wide ranging issues the exclusive interview will be aired On Sunday 25/01/2015  from 11:00 am GMT ( UK Time ) –  To listen The Show live On Sunday 25/01/2015 Click here also available on Freeview: Channel8 or Virgin Cable 159 or To listen later from Adal Voice archive, click on

Frewine Solomon, who grew up in the Eritrean Revolution School, is a professional photographer. She works for major art galleries in London and different media outlets. The photos have been taken over a number of years and assembled for this exhibition.

In addition of her professional work, Frewine has played a major role in recording and reflecting major historic events that were accomplished by the Eritreans in the UK over the last ten years. Frewine has also carried out a great deal of work in introducing Eritrean cultures and Eritrea’s developments efforts for people from different countries.