Engineer Abdu Ibrahim recently presented to the public a book that discusses and advises on how to charge our days with positive energy. Today we meet the author of “Mebegesi kab Mewekesi.”

Something on your background…

I was born 1975. I grew up with my parents. I am the youngest in my family so I was rather the spoiled one. Nevertheless, I was really quiet and shy. At school subjects related to math and painting attracted me the most, although I leaned more to math in high school. As I grew up I started frequenting libraries with my friends and just spent hours giving my all to education

Why engineering…

It is a profession that I was interested in since my childhood. It’s a field that helps you think outside the box and become multidimensional.

Your experience as an author…

This is the first book I have published. I knew I always wanted to write. When I was in Sawa during the first round of national service, I had this very good martyred friend who was an extremely good reader and writer.

He had told me that for someone to be a good writer he first needed to be a good reader.

I heeded his words and followed his advice that I should not rush into writing. And after so many years, here I am today with my book. While working on it I came across many issues, that made the whole a very interesting experience.

As an author I had to learn to respect my readers.

Meaning in presenting a book of such nature you cannot just take things for granted. I had to have a humble approach and several times think about the impact that my work would have on the readers. And also many more ordeals but I am glad that now I reached my goal.

About the book…

It is instructive and I discuss different characteristics of life… or shall I say ideas such as how to bring good energy in to your life, how to turn stress in to something useful, how to make your days happier and many more day to day aspects. Usually the books we see in Eritrea are either original works or translations. This one comprises of both.

I actually made a list of books that inspired me.

To mention some: You Can Win a book by Shiv Khera , The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.

Covey and Don’t Be Sad by Aaidh ibn Abdullah alQarni. And if I am to give a general idea about the book I would say it’s mainly about changes, improvements and self advancement.

I believe that being human alone is a very good reason to bring positive changes in life and live up to your capacities and desires. Things like self reliance, success and happiness are easily achievable if we practice positive thinking by neglecting superficiality.

It is very functional, and I also believe it is applicable. The language is easily understandable so I hope the youth find it advantageously handy.

Your inspirations to write this book…

Two things: first I wanted to give my eldest son, something that he can rely on in the future.

And second, I happened to be asked by a friend of mine if I at the age of eighteen would have wanted to live the life I am living now.

It might have been a simple question, but it was more philosophical for me and it made me question about myself, how I lived my life and how I am living it now.

I then started putting my thoughts in words and documenting them. That is technically how I began working on my book.

Part of the book that would interest our society…

All of it! The whole book deals with our daily lives. I am part of the society so it is more likely for me to raise almost identical doubts, thoughts and ideas as those of my society.

Future plans…

As I have told you, I have so far been waiting for the right time to adjust myself as an author. Now that I have presented my work to the public and luckily have seen that my works are adequate enough for the readers, I will keep on presenting more.

Last words…

I need to thank my eldest son Yazid Abdu, which is the reason why I wrote this book, and my beloved wife Mrs. Muna Yasin for supporting my cause. I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my friends and colleagues for all assistance