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The delegates of the peaceful rally conducted in Geneva on 21 June by Eritrean nationals and Friends of Eritrea have submitted a memorandum supported with a petition signed by more than 200,000 collected from 81 countries across the globe to the Office of the UN High Commission for Human Rights.

The Eritrean Global Action for Justice which organized the peaceful rally indicated in a press conference that more than 10 thousand Eritreans and Friends of Eritrea participated at the rally that was conducted on 21 June in Geneva, Switzerland, to denounce the unfounded and biased report of the COI-Eritrea.

The memorandum underscored that Eritrea, like all other developing countries, has many challenges and limitations and that the unfounded report alleging that “crimes against humanity have been committed since 1991” has an ulterior political agenda.

The memorandum also underscored that the reluctance demonstrated by the Inquiry Commission to read the more than 42 thousand testimonies attests to its double standard. The Eritrean Global Action for Justice also urged the members of the Human Rights Commission to reject the biased findings of the COI Eritrea and to terminate its politically motivated mandate.