Embassy Media,
London 7th September 2016
The 55th Anniversary of the beginning of the Eritrean Armed Struggle was commemorated by the Eritrean community in London on Sunday, 5th September 2016. The North London Eritrean Community hosted this successful event in partnership with their counterparts across the community. 
The occasion was formally opened by Mr. Mussie Beraki, member of the Organising Committee, delivered an insightful on the importance of the continual remembrance of such important events that have shaped the Eritrean future as well as cultivating the traditions of passing on our rich history and culture to the younger generations.
Mr. Ahmed Mohammed, chair person of the British Eritrean Community Organisation & Network United Kingdom (BECON-UK), also presented speech about the struggle for independence that was prompted on 1st September 1961, with the full emancipation of Eritrea from the hands of the last colonizer.  They came to understand that it is not the number that matters, but the strong will and the set mind that determines the end result. Eritreans had enough suffering at the hands of successive colonizers and were determined to root out colonialism and subjugation in order to decide their own destiny and future. And that became true on May 24, 1991.
Representative of the Embassy of State of Eritrea to UK & Ireland, Mr. Suleman Hasen, Head of Consular Affairs, presented the paramount importance of ensuring popular awareness, strong organization, steadfastness and spirit of sacrifice in the nation-building process, as attested to by the armed struggle and the subsequent experience acquired in the post-independence period.
He further stressed the need for putting up sustained endeavors so as to guarantee the success of the popular struggle towards building a strong nation in which prosperity and social justice prevail.
The North London Eritrean Community also evaluated the last Geneva demonstration they took part in opposing the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea’s report and the outcome of the Human Rights Council resolutions earlier in the summer and underlined the importance of the Eritrean Diaspora community being politically and socially active.
Finally, the Community presented certificates to the youth who have successfully completed their GCSE’s and showed their support and encouragement.
Various activities were also staged by adolescents and PFDJ London Branch members on the occasion, artists performed cultural music in connection with the 55th anniversary.
Today it is 55 years since the beginning of the armed struggle for independence. When we celebrate the 55 years of the beginning of the armed struggle for independence it is with mind that the history of the Eritrean Revolution amply proved that a popular struggle for a just cause based on conscious, united and organized people is bound to triumph over a heavily armed colonial entity enjoying the support of the major powers.
And determined that we build a new history out of past history so as to make use of our history as source of valuable lesson and wisdom, and thereby ensure the continuity and viability of history.