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Somali pirates are reportedly releasing elderly and frail British couple hostage, who have been held for more than six months in the coming hours.

According to reports that Garowe Online received from sources, the gang holding the couple in Harardhere, a pirate haven in northeastern Somalia is said to have been promised unspecific ransom amount to free the hostages.

The gang has previously demanded a ransom money of about $2 million for the expenses they incurred while holding chandlers. But reports say they have so far received money for the expenses they incuured.

The couple is expected to be flown to Nairobi Kenya in the coming hours by a chartered plane that is currently in Somalia’s Adado district, near the area they are held.

Paul Chandler and his wife Rachel, were hijacked on October 23 while vacationing in the Indian Ocean in the middle of the piracy peak season came under pirate attack in the early hours of

Their their 38-foot empty yacht, Lynn Rival was later located in the international waters off Somalia by the British Royal Navy.