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* I just want to say well done.
Comment by kahsai | March 31, 2008
* well done Akile, keep going, Every Eritrean is proud of you.
Comment by Tesfom Berhane | April 12, 2008
This is an excellent program. One thing that stands out is the very postive spirit of the presenter and his skillful delivery of timely issues concerning Eritreans in the Uk. I love his clarity of thought and richness of spirit. His selection and delivery of programs
are highly informative, educational and resourceful. I get really amazed how he manages to get some of the best Eritrean and east african music albums. I really wish he continues the hard work in informing, educating and uplifting the spirit of Eritreans in the UK so that they become good citizens of our adopted country. Wish you all the best Mr. Abraham… You are doing a great job, God bless.
Comment by Abel| June 9, 2008
* Ermias misgina
I have just listened sunday’s broadcast this under the issue of the principles of media. You and I agree on the principles of media, it must be free of any political affiliation, it must be the voice of the society and an opportunity for communication and conveying people’s views without changing the content, regardless of their political inclination.
However, the reality is different. Whenever you try to broadcast things as they are, we Eritreans can not see it positively, we are very fast to divert and interpret things negatively, and this might discourage you to do your job successfully. For example it is fair to broadcast the positive and the negative side of our country’s current situation in a balance way. But when you do that you do not get the credit you deserve. To the contrary if you broadcast only the positive side you will get appreciation from the government and their supporters, and if you broadcast only the negative side the appreciation is from the other side. This must be changed. We must be prepared to know our country’s current situation, both the development and the down side, otherwise our judgment is always biased.
The other thing is about children. Our children are our future. We must give our children priority in our daily activity if we want to build a positive society and citizens in the future. It is our responsibility to tell our children who they are and where the come from every day, every time, now and then. It is unfair to blame the children when they get confused and lost interest to know their country, language and culture. We must do something not to happen this, otherwise our continuity as a society and as a people of Eritrea is at stake. It is therefor I would like to advice you that your programm must have a specific time only for children and must be aimed for the above purpose.

Ermias misgina| June 9, 2008
Its very important to have a healthy conversation and relationships with a negighboring countries especially also with Ethiopia.
Keep up the good work may God bless you!!
Comment by Viky June – 03 – 2009
Tedros . A ( London )
hi for everybady adalvoice nice to listen your`r programme and thanks. I love adalvoice radio. Keep up the good job.
Comment by tedros . A JUNE – 03 – 2009

Comment by (mahamed ) fake name Amsterdam 09/09/09
I listen adalvoice on 06/09/09 radio programe.
who says Eritrea presidente will go to libya?
Webmaster – answer
President Isaias holds talks with Libyan Leader Special Envoy
By Staff
Aug 11, 2009, 09:45

Asmara, 11 August 2009 – President Isaias Afwerki today received and held talks with Mr. Abuzaid Dureda, Special Envoy of the Libyan Leader Brother Muammer Al-Khadafi.
In the meeting at the Denden Hall, the Special Envoy delivered a letter of invitation from the Libyan Leader to President Isaias to participate in a special meeting of the African Union Leaders focusing on resolving conflicts and crisis in Africa which will be held in connection with the 40th anniversary of the Libyan Revolution.
The two sides also discussed regarding the situation of the AU, as well as regional and international issues, especially the prevailing situation in Somalia and Darfur.
The President congratulated the Libyan Leader Brother Muammer Al-Khadafi and the Libyan people on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Libyan Revolution. He further asserted Eritrea’s readiness to work jointly with Libya in efforts to ensure development in Africa in various domains.
Following the meeting, Mr. Abuzed Dureda told ERINA that the discussion focused on the overall development of the African continent and ways of resolving existing conflicts and crises, as well as ways of further strengthening cooperation between the two countries. Stating that the meeting characterized with mutual understanding was fruitful, the Special Envoy expressed satisfaction with President Isaias’ acceptance of the invitation to attend the forthcoming meeting in Libya.

Comment by – Habtom Yohannes on 27/09/09
Dear friends at Radio Adal,
I am very happy with this media-outlet of Eritreans for Eritreans! You look very independent and promising. Would one of you please contact me by Tel………. or via the mail address? I would like to invite you to a mini conference on independent radio for Eritrea, here in The Netherlands.
I myself have been working with the Dutch public media for almost 20 years; television and radio.