Hamelmalo, 10 July 2011-A total of 314 students graduated yesterday July 09, 2011 from the Hamelmalo College of Agriculture in Degree and Diploma programs.
The graduates have been studying in the fields of Agricultural economy, Agro-Engineering, Plant Science, Animal Science, Horticulture, Crop Protection, Soil and Environmental Resources as well as Veterinary Sciences.
During the event attended by ministers and administrator of the Anseba region, Dean of the college, Mr. Semere Amlesom noted that the number of students and staff has grown by three folds since its opening in 2005 owing to the unremitting investment the government is making.
Pointing out that agricultural research activities are conducted within the premises of the college to supplement the theoretical teaching mechanism with practice, Mr. Semere indicated that the main goal of the college is to assist farmers.
After graduating the students, Minister of Land Water and Environment, Mr. Tesfay Gebreselasie underlined the leading importance of the College of Agriculture in ensuring an all rounded development of the country and called on the graduates to discharge their duties relentlessly to make good use of Eritrea’s resources.
Representative of the graduates also asserted their readiness to fulfill what is required of them in the economic growth of the country as well as backing the government’s food security programs.