Asmara, 5 April 2012 

The Agriculture Ministry has called on farmers to prepare their farm lands and sow on time the recommended crops as the spring rainfall started to shower.

In its statement, the Ministry notified that spring rainfall is usually expected as of March to May and that farmers should be prepared for the summer and practice sowing early for satisfactory yield from the spring season.

The Meteorology Department disclosed that significant amount of rainfall was registered on April 4 with gauges of 25.6 mm, 27.5mm and 12.5 mm for Asmara, Senafe and Adi-Keih respectively, and that ice rainfall was reported for Serha, Kisad Emba and various places in Tserona and Mai-Aini sub-zones since last week.

It is known that spring showers are common in the Central and Southern regions and with a minimum amount in Anseba and the Northern Red Sea regions. Crops like taff-hagai, sorghum and maize are cultivated during this season.