The municipal Administration of Keren indicated that significant infrastructural development accomplishments have been registered in the city, and is thus witnessing growth in the number of residents. Stating that the city had 6,000 family residents during the early post-independence years, the Administration stated that the number has now tripled, besides the double growth registered in the number of schools and students.

Mr. Tekie Keleta, the Mayor of Keren, pointed out that the city hospital has been upgraded, in addition to the construction of 3 new clinics and the availability of ample number of medical professionals in the city. Indicating that the Municipal administration is actively engaged in environmental hygiene, he explained that 41 workers have been recruited and 3 cars deployed in this regard, while weekly campaigns are being conducted to this end by the residents.

Reports indicate that the roads within Keren that were 8.5 Km. in total earlier currently measure 30 Km, 17 Km. of which constitute asphalt roads. Moreover, 1,500 land plots have been distributed for residential purpose since 1996 with a view to meeting housing demand.

Mr. Tekie further explained that commendable service is being rendered regarding electricity supply, and that endeavors are being exerted towards attaining sustainable water supply system for the city.