Nov. 26, 2014WINNIPEG, Canada

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Holidays are fun times.  They leave an unforgettable memory in every child’s mind for the rest of their lives. During the coming holiday school break, children will spend longer times with family and anything that happens at home, always tend to be reinforced more during those times than during the school dash periods.

Tigrinya speaking families can use such occasion to bolster their child’s mother tongue related skill areas. These could be in such areas as alphabet recognition, reading and writing skills, listening skills and comprehension skills. Thanks to a wealth of varied and innovative products, that are uniquely developed by Weledo Publications for home and community learning of the Tigrinya language, parents can now easily integrate learning and play to achieve those objectives.

A well designed game of Tigrigna Alphabets Bingo game could, for example, provide for a long play hours in the family while developing ample opportunity for the recognition skill of the full set of the Tigrinya letters. Similarly, a well-crafted and attractive game of Snakes and Ladders would also achieve the same objectives while providing variety of activity choice.

Festive season is a time of family get together.  Weledo’s well-presented Tigrigna story books will not only make such times memorable to the young one, but also boost their listening skills and general comprehension skills of the Tigrinya language.

Various writing and reading books, word and alphabet card games, as well as work alone textbooks for Tigrinya learning that are tailored for various ages and levels, which can be easily ordered from Amazon anywhere in the world, are now ensuring that parents in the Tigrinya speaking households are fully equipped for the task.

Children need associations and experiences to develop key language skills. Weledo’s unique approach in designing its first class products are planned to encourage group activities, competitive games and endless fun.

Weledo Publications Enterprise wish to extend its warmest season’s greetings to all of its customers and supporters. We understand the challenges of teaching the Tigrinya mother tongue in the busy schedules of the diaspora lifestyle, and we strive to bring you the very innovative and first class products that would uniquely maximize what you could achieve as a parent in helping your child to learn their first language, to love learning it and to excel in it too.//End.

Abel Abraham