gkYv4kFoxo8SWe have to stop the ill-conceived UN Human Rights Rapporteur invalid way of collecting wrong data on Eritrea.

UN and its machineries currently continue to Sanction Eritrea unjustly causing misery to ordinary Eritreans. This was done through allegations and through reports, which was admitted to be baseless.

UN Human Rights Rapporteur is currently campaigning and instigating human right accusation against our beloved Mother land Eritrea.

Remember the reports by Monitoring groups had grown in to Sanctions. We must stop the so called Human Rights Rapporteur from using invalid method of fake data collection with an intention to harm the people of Eritreans.

“Vote now will help our beloved Mother land Eritrea”

“ሕጀ ድምጺካ ሃብ ግድን’ዩ ዓወትና” ”  

ድምጺ መወሃቢ